Defendant with Bad Psychedelic Trip Avoids Penalty and Clears Criminal Record

Recently, Chuck Lanehart defended a 20-year-old college student enrolled in a pre-med program. He was camping with friends in a rural county at a Texas state park and took LSD. Unfortunately, he had a “bad trip” and appeared to be having a mental breakdown. Worried for his safety, his friends called 911. Police arrived and…

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Caprock Chronicles: General Custer in the Texas Panhandle

In this week's Caprock Chronicle, Chuck Lanehart sheds light on General Armstrong Custer and his success at invading Native American territories in the South Plains and Texas panhandle. Several years prior to the infamous "Custer's Last Stand", Custer was tasked with recovering two American girls held captive and forcing Plain Indians into reservations. Newly appointed…

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Recent Results for Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers: Chuck and Fred

Chuck Negotiates for Modified Probation Due to Coronavirus Pandemic Chuck Lanehart's client was on probation for a second-degree felony, but continued to suffer from substance-abuse problems. To avoid having his probation revoked, the client agreed to go to SAFPF.  A Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility is a six-month in-prison treatment program followed by up to…

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Lafitte, Lynching and Electrocution to Lethal Injection

It was my privilege to present “Lafitte, Lynching and Electrocution to Lethal Injection: The Sad and Sordid History of Texas Executions.” In July and August, the presentation was given to more than 200 lawyers across the state via Zoom and GoToMeeting, including the Dallas Bar Association and the Criminal Law Institute. View a preview (first…

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Texas Marijuana Possession and Felony THC Case Dismissed

Chuck Lanehart's client was very happy to hear from him today. Not only was the client's misdemeanor possession of marijuana case dismissed, the client's felony possession of THC was rejected by the prosecutor. Pulled Over in Panhandle, Caught with Cannabis Several months ago, the client was driving through a rural South Plains county, moving from…

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Pretrial Diversion Secured for Three Lubbock DWI Offenses

The end of July was very memorable for three of Chuck Lanehart's Lubbock County DWI clients. All three were scheduled for a contested pretrial hearing and had put their lives on hold. As first time offenders without a criminal record, all three received pretrial diversions. Pretrial Diversion is different from deferred adjudication, and we have…

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The Richest Family in the World Charged with Federal Crime

Attorney Chuck Lanehart uncovers a high profile trial in Lubbock's history in this week's Caprock Chronicle. Part one explores the Hunt family, and how two brothers and heirs to the Hunt oil fortune became entangled in controversy. Starting in 1969, private detectives were hired by Bunker and Herbert Hunt. Illegal wiretaps were placed on executives…

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Virtual Reading of the Declaration of Independence

Each year shortly before July 4, members of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) gather on courthouse steps throughout the state to honor the Declaration of Independence. They read the great document to celebrate our American freedoms and the real meaning of Independence Day. It is a tradition unlike any other in the nation.…

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How Pandemics, Recessions and Natural Disasters Affect Criminal Law

Coronavirus. Recession. Hurricanes. Events beyond our control can change our way of life unexpectedly — they even have the power to turn the criminal landscape upside down. Here at Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl, we have our pulse on what to expect during these trying times and we are committed to doing everything possible to get…

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Your Guide to the New Texas Assault Laws

On Sept. 1, 2019, several new laws took effect in Texas that broadened assault classifications and toughened penalties for offenses. Being hit with assault charges in Texas is a serious situation — the state has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world — so it’s important to be aware of these changes and…

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