Chuck Earns Cookies & Thank You from Client

If you have never been charged with a crime, it can be hard to understand how important the results of a case become to a defendant. After an arrest, everything is put on hold. Chuck Lanehart recently earned homemade cookies and a personal thank you note. To Mr Lanehart, I wanted to personally thank you…

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Caprock Chronicle: Vigilante Justice in the Texas Plains is a Tall Tale

There are many tall tales, myths and legends when it comes to settlers on the Texas frontier. In Chuck's latest Caprock Chronicle, he explores the stories behind mob violence and lynchings. Many newspaper archives in the late 1800's describe outlaws committing a variety of crimes in Texas from stealing horses and seeds to gambling, womanizing,…

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Fred’s Client Has Case Dismissed, Cash and Dodge Challenger are Returned

It’s not every day that you get a client’s case dismissed along with the return of a Dodge Challenger and $8,000 in cash. Fred Stangl’s client was arrested for Possession of THC, a second degree felony in Texas, which carries a possible prison term of up to 20 years. The cops seized his 2017 Dodge…

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Criminal Attorneys Read the Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights

In what has become an annual tradition, Chuck Lanehart and Fred Stangl joined the Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in reading the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The two documents are the foundation of our nation’s criminal justice system. The Declaration of Independence provided a separation of the thirteen colonies from Great…

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Caprock Chronicle: The Texas Panhandle Preacher that Poisoned his Wife

Chuck Lanehart uncovers a historical crime from the Texas panhandle that could be a Hollywood movie. In this two part series in the Caprock Chronicle, a popular preacher becomes romantically entangled with an old friend. Taking place in the late 1800's near present day Carson County, Chuck follows the life of Methodist minister George E.…

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The First and Last Hanging in the Texas Panhandle

Chuck Lanehart digs up the past in a two part Caprock Chronicle on G.R. Miller, the only hanging ever recorded in the Texas panhandle. In the early 1900's, G.R. Miller quickly became a career criminal in Hardeman County. However, it was after release from prison that Miller committed a spree of violent acts in Childress…

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The Law According to Chappell

Published for the Texas Independent Bar Association Byron “Lawyer” Chappell was called the grandfather of Lubbock attorneys, and he was one of the most colorful advocates in Lubbock’s legal history. His more celebrated contemporaries — Travis Shelton, George Gilkerson, Clifford Brown —are considered icons of the Texas criminal bar. But Chappell’s low-key, practical yet zealous,…

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Chuck Lanehart Publishes Historical Book on Lubbock and the South Plains

We are excited to announce the arrival of Chuck’s latest book: Tragedy and Triumph on the Texas Plains: Curious Historic Chronicles from Murders to Movies. Pickup a copy at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or request it at a local bookstore. For those who have followed the Caprock Chronicles in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, you would…

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An Assault Charge is Dropped and a Drug Possession Case Earns Pretrial Diversion

Possession of Multiple Drugs After a Traffic Stop Chuck Lanehart was hired in the fall of 2020 by two young ladies in their early twenties who were stopped traveling through Lubbock County after a trip to California, Las Vegas and other vacation spots. Their vehicle was searched, and officers found a variety of recreational drugs:…

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Caprock Chronicle: 1970’s Obscenity Trials in Lubbock

In the 1970's, obscenity was a crime that police actively pursued. Chuck Lanehart writes a Caprock Chronicle which details this chapter in criminal justice history. Notably, Lubbock courts held the first obscenity trial in the United States, over the film, “Last Tango in Paris.”. After being screened at a local Lubbock theater in 1973, police…

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