In many instances, we can have your case dropped before charges are even filed.


We can negotiate with the Prosecutor for drastically reduced charges.


If inadmissible evidence is a factor we can file a Pre-trial “Motion to Suppress.”


In the event of a conviction, we can persuade the court for more lenient punishment.

About Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl

The attorneys at Chappell, Lanehart, & Stangl work as a team, collaborating to bring more than 50 years of collective experience to build a winning strategy for your defense. When you seek our legal advice, we will fully explain the legal process controlling your case. When you leave our office after your free consultation, you will understand the charges and the consequences, and you will be confident your case is in good hands.

Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl is one of the oldest criminal law firms in Lubbock, and boasts two specialists board-certified in the field of criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization—Chuck Lanehart & Fred Stangl. Our criminal defense attorneys are known for their aggressive pursuit of justice and for their commitment to zealous advocacy. Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl focuses its practice on professional criminal defense for individuals and businesses. Our attorneys have built a stellar reputation in Lubbock and throughout Texas for top-notch criminal defense.

Our Expertise

Our Lubbock criminal defense law firm has successfully represented thousands of clients facing alleged violations of federal laws, Texas state laws, and local laws. Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl believes there are no unimportant clients, and every accusation against a client is worthy of impassioned defense. We continue to hone our skills every day in order to continue to provide the best possible outcome to your case. Our expertise is unmatched in the following fields of law:



Felony Burglary Win

Today, Chuck Lanehart negotiated a plea deal in a second-degree felony burglary of a habitation case that was scheduled for jury trial. The client was facing a possible 20-year prison sentence. Instead, the prosecutor accepted Chuck’s counter-offer for a one-year deferred probation on a misdemeanor criminal trespass plea. The client will be eligible for an…

Dismissal of Domestic Violence Charges

Chuck Lanehart convinced the prosecutor in a small South Plains county to dismiss assault, domestic violence and terrorist threat charges against his client, a 61-year-old rancher. Chuck argued that the evidence was insufficient to sustain convictions, and the prosecutor did not want to proceed to trial.

Federal Fraud Case Reduced to Probation

Attorney Chuck Lanehart successfully argued for the minimum sentence of one year probation in a federal fraud case. His client was a 28-year-old mother of two who could have been sentenced for years in federal penitentiary. Due to Chuck's hard work on her behalf, she can continue to raise her family.

Pretrial Diversion Secured for Client Accused of THC Possession

Chuck Lanehart successfully negotiated a pretrial diversion for a young college-age girl who was accused of drug possession of THC, a second-degree felony. She was facing a possible 20-year prison sentence. Chuck made effective use of advocacy skills, mitigation and other character evidence. Chuck's client will not be charged or indicted for a crime, and…

Caprock Chronicles: History of Texas Tech’s First Mascot

Attorney Chuck Lanehart uncovers the unknown history of Texas Tech's first mascot. Below is a preview of his newest Caprock Chronicle. The story of Texas Tech’s first mascot is familiar. Saddle Tramp Arch Lamb dreamed up the idea in 1936. That fall, George Tate—wearing a scarlet satin cape—led the Matadors onto the football field riding…

What We Will Do To Fight For Your Case

Free Initial Consultation

Obtain and review police reports pertaining to your arrest or criminal investigation.

Obtain Police Reports

We listen to what did and didn’t happen, ask pertinent questions, and assess the potential strength and/or weaknesses of the case.

Compile A List

Compile a list of possible witnesses and statements concerning your case. Interview and question all parties concerned.

Visit The Scene

Visit the scene of the arrest or alleged crime, combing for evidence while notating irregularities or conflicting information.

Background Check

Conduct a thorough background check of all potential witnesses and involved parties, looking for information helpful to your case.

Hire A Private Investigator

Hire a private investigator when applicable, to prove or disprove essential elements to your case.

Reliability of Evidence

Employ an independent laboratory to test, document, and testify as to the reliability of evidence and / or samples related to your case.

Evaluate The Chain of Events

Evaluate the chain of events leading up to and resulting in your arrest and detention.


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