Chuck Lanehart has long been known in Texas as a winning trial lawyer. He is board certified in the field of Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and concentrates his practice primarily in criminal trial and appellate work in state and federal courts throughout Texas.

Having earned a reputation as a lawyer who gets things done, Chuck assists clients of all walks of life in small cases and large cases. Sometimes, Chuck will work on a case for free, if the client is worthy and the cause is just. He has helped hundreds of college-age kids who’ve had minor run-ins with the law, and he has been involved in multiple complicated white-collar criminal trials in federal court. He has handled more than 200 homicide cases.

Chuck received his undergraduate and legal education at Texas Tech University, and was licensed to practice law in 1977.

Chuck Lanehart was the founding editor of the Lubbock Law Notes, published by the Lubbock Area Bar Association. He served as director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA). TCDLA awarded him the President’s Commendation for “Outstanding Service to the Citizen Accused,” and also honored him with the President’s Award for his service to the Association’s Strike Force.

He is a founding member and former president of the Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He enjoys mentoring younger attorneys, and is often called upon as a lecturer on a variety of subjects at legal seminars.

Chuck is also active in civic activities. He is past-president of the Lubbock Business Association, has served on the Board of Directors of LakeRidge Country Club, and is a former member of the City of Lubbock’s Zoning Board of Adjustment. He is also a former member of the Lubbock County Historical Commission. He coached Lubbock Girls Basketball teams for many years.

In 2008, Chuck was named among the City of Lubbock’s “200 Most Influential People” by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

When you have need for the best advocate in a serious criminal case, you should contact Chuck Lanehart.

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Acquittal on Arson, Sentence Reduced for Aggravated Assault

I don’t know if you remember me, but we all—my family and I—will forever remember you. My husband had gotten into trouble and we lived in a small town in the Hill Country. You took his case and you would fly from Lubbock for court.
It’s been a long time ago. My baby boy was three, and now he would have been 32, but he went to live in heaven at the age of 20. My older daughter was eight. She attended Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio and graduated with a master’s degree. She works with a major corporate office. My younger daughter was five. Now, after graduating from the same university, she is a teacher.
My husband, who is now a disabled veteran, has mellowed and became a great dad and grandfather.
I am telling you this because, as we all remember, you helped Ralph. You gave us our home back. You treated us with respect and dignity. We are forever grateful to you.
God bless you always and thank you again.

Wife of Client, Accused of Burning Down Jail and Assaulting a Police Officer

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News About Chuck Lanehart

Felony Burglary Win

Today, Chuck Lanehart negotiated a plea deal in a second-degree felony burglary of a habitation case that was scheduled for jury trial. The client was facing a possible 20-year prison sentence. Instead, the prosecutor accepted Chuck’s counter-offer for a one-year deferred probation on a misdemeanor criminal trespass plea. The client will be eligible for an…

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Dismissal of Domestic Violence Charges

Chuck Lanehart convinced the prosecutor in a small South Plains county to dismiss assault, domestic violence and terrorist threat charges against his client, a 61-year-old rancher. Chuck argued that the evidence was insufficient to sustain convictions, and the prosecutor did not want to proceed to trial.

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Pretrial Diversion Secured for Client Accused of THC Possession

Chuck Lanehart successfully negotiated a pretrial diversion for a young college-age girl who was accused of drug possession of THC, a second-degree felony. She was facing a possible 20-year prison sentence. Chuck made effective use of advocacy skills, mitigation and other character evidence. Chuck's client will not be charged or indicted for a crime, and…
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Caprock Chronicles: History of Texas Tech’s First Mascot

Attorney Chuck Lanehart uncovers the unknown history of Texas Tech's first mascot. Below is a preview of his newest Caprock Chronicle. The story of Texas Tech’s first mascot is familiar. Saddle Tramp Arch Lamb dreamed up the idea in 1936. That fall, George Tate—wearing a scarlet satin cape—led the Matadors onto the football field riding…
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Caprock Chronicles: Lubbock’s First Courthouse

Attorney Chuck Lanehart writes on the first courthouse serving Lubbock county and the developing community. Built in 1891, the courthouse first also functioned as a dance hall, park, concert venue and church. For 300 permanent residents of Lubbock, the building offered shelter and a gathering place. Learn more about the first criminal trials and notable…
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Lanehart Covers Tornillo in Voice for the Defense

In the July/August edition of Voice for the Defense, Chuck Lanehart's feature story on Tornillo explores an immigration camp near El Paso, TX. Tornillo is notable as a center for deported children, as part of the government's family separation policy. The story follows the motivations of Frank Chelly, a local public defender that read the…
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Caprock Chronicles: Lubbock’s Growth Increased Demand for Jails

Lubbock has gradually grown, 125+ years after being founded. In the beginning, the county jail was primitive and served multiple duties as a schoolhouse, temporary chapel and living quarters for the sheriff. The limited number of defendants awaiting trial and criminals allowed for a small jail that served the community. Overtime, as Lubbock grew, so…
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Fourth Amendment Expands to Cell Phone Data

Supreme Court Rules on Illegal Search & Seizure The Supreme Court recently decided a case that will have long term affects on the criminal justice system and defendant rights. In Carpenter vs. United States, the case rested on whether the government has the ability to obtain cell phone data without a warrant. In the case…
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Caprock Chronicle: Execution Rarely Happens to Convicted Lubbock Murderers

In Chuck Lanehart's Caprock Chronicle, defendants convicted of murder in Lubbock County are rarely executed. Murder cases end in a variety of outcomes, from mistrials to convictions and appeals. A few defendants are sentenced to death for the most heinous of crimes. Of those convicted of murder, a small number have been executed. In total,…
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Chuck Lanehart Recognized for Stars of Texas Bars Award

The State Bar of Texas has recognized Chuck Lanehart for excellence in writing. Chuck was awarded Best Feature/Human Interest Story for his article, “A Hard, Historical Look at Lubbock County Courthouse Monuments,” which was published by the Lubbock Law Notes in September of 2017. The “Stars of Texas Bars Award” was presented by the SBOT…

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