Felony Drug Case Ends in Dismissal for Chuck Lanehart

Chuck represented a client facing possession of more than 50 grams of cocaine with intent to deliver. There was no defense to the 1st degree felony drug charges, and the client had prior criminal convictions.

During plea negotiations, the client decided to accept an eight-year prison term. However, his health declined, and Chuck put together a mitigation packet. As a result, the prosecutor dismissed the case “in the interest of justice.”

Below is a testimonial from the client, happy to see the charges behind him:

Thank you so much for your dedication and support throughout my case. The staff was amazing, and Angie was always there to help answer questions I had. Chuck would always be honest and straightforward about the steps, information and what was required for my case.

I was treated with respect and not disrespected. Thank you all for the support and defending me during my case. 

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