Recent Results and Updates for Attorney Fred Stangl

3 Years Probation Secured

Fred Stangl finalized a federal embezzlement case involving the loss of more than $30,000 from a bank. On January 26th, he successfully convinced Judge Hendrix to give his client a sentence of three years probation, with six months of home confinement, plus restitution. The co-defendant was sentenced to seven months in prison to be followed by two years of supervised release, plus restitution.

Manslaughter Case Argued in Courts

Opening arguments were made by the defense team and prosecution in the trial of Alexander May. The trial is ongoing, but was featured on with background on the case. Fred Stangl is part of the defense team and was quoted below:

“We’re here today in the eyes of the law to what extent the defendant is responsible for the death of victim, to determine if there was a crime committed,” Stangl said to the jury.

“This wasn’t intentional,” he continued to explain. “Was it reckless or was it criminally negligent? The evidence is going to show you, that it couldn’t have been avoided. By the time the danger was known, it was too late.”

“The evidence is not there to convict of manslaughter,” he said. Ultimately, the jury will decide who is right.

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