Recent Testimonials for Chuck Lanehart

A note from the girlfriend of a client accused of Possession of THC, second degree felony:

I had no idea how the criminal system worked, I thank you greatly for helping me understand. It is truly such a blessing to have such a communicative and helpful lawyer.

Your practice’s website is excellent as well. My boyfriend’s mom and I have been able to learn a great deal from afar by reading about the felony THC charge online.

A note from a client on a Sexual Assault Case that received a very beneficial plea agreement

Dear Mr. Lanehart,

We are so thankful that you represented and defended me. You were really good to me and we will be forever thankful. We appreciate your extra effort and meeting with the District Attorney on my behalf. Please tell Angie and Bernadette thank you for being so kind to me. May God Bless you and yours

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