Caprock Chronicle: Did Jack Brown Kill His Parents

A Murder Conviction Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty

In a recent Caprock Chronicle, Chuck Lanehart explores the infamous case of Jack Brown, who was accused of murdering his parents in 1967.

The case grabbed attention in Lubbock as Jack Brown was only 25 years old at the time. He and his parents were considered wealthy, popular and successful. Jack himself had graduated from Shallowater High School top of his class. After serving in the military, he enrolled at Texas Tech University.

Jack called the police in the early morning, stating that he had returned from a poker game only to find his parents brutally murdered in their bed. There was notably a lack of evidence for forced entry or robbery as all belongings were accounted for… At that time, it was common for residents to leave doors unlocked.

Jack was calm when he agreed to discuss his story and timeline with the DA and detectives without a lawyer present. His alibi on the night of the murder involved a female friend at a hotel and a poker game with friends. However, when questioned about a bloodstained shirt, Jack denied knowledge.

Note: It is an all too common belief of defendants that by having a lawyer present during police interviews you are presumed guilty. Even if you are innocent of a crime, it is advised to discuss your case with a lawyer as soon as possible.

A huge break in the case happened next after a discovery of evidence at Mackenzie State Park including bloody clothes worn by the victims and a towel with Jack’s army serial number.

Within 12 hours of his parents death, Jack Brown was charged for capital murder. Held without bail, prominent Lubbock defense lawyers began to work on Jack’s behalf while the prosecution prepared a case for trial.

Read the full story to discover Jack’s sentencing and decide for yourself, is he innocent or guilty?

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