Another Satisfied Client Earned Deferred Adjudication

Real Clients. Real Results.

Every month, our law firm receives handwritten letters and in depth emails from actual clients. Some are sharing feedback on a successful trial or a recent decision in their favor. Other clients write to us years later, giving us an update on their lives, successful careers and families. This feedback is what keeps us motivated. Sometimes a result is a full acquittal, mistrial or dismissed charges. Other times, it requires a guilty plea, but provides deferred adjudication. Either way, it’s notes like the below from real clients that encourages us to continue as criminal defense attorneys.

I am very pleased with the services provided to me by Chappell, Lanehart and Stangl. Mr Lanehart is very knowledgeable and very professional in all of his interactions. I also greatly appreciate his personal advice and encouragement. It did much to make this process go as smoothly as I could have asked for. I am grateful for all he has done. I am also very thankful for the advice and council of Mr. Stangl. He was an encouragement and calming advisor throughout this entire process. Both Mr. Lanehart and Mr Stangl are excellent attorneys and I am forever grateful for their services. I am also thankful for the kindness and professionalism of the entire office staff. Everyone treated me with the utmost respect and dignity throughout this entire process. Thank you all very much!

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