Caprock Chronicles: General Custer in the Texas Panhandle

In this week’s Caprock Chronicle, Chuck Lanehart sheds light on General Armstrong Custer and his success at invading Native American territories in the South Plains and Texas panhandle.

Several years prior to the infamous “Custer’s Last Stand”, Custer was tasked with recovering two American girls held captive and forcing Plain Indians into reservations.

Newly appointed as lieutenant colonel in Fort Riley, Kansas, Custer traveled across the Llano Estacado searching for Cheyenne encampments and plotting battles.

Part one details Custer’s struggles with marriage and duties, infidelity, broken treaties, revenge and eventual meeting of the chief responsible for holding Anglo girls held hostage.

In Part Two, Custer threatens the lives of chiefs at the Cheyenne camp near Wheeler County, Texas unless a deal is secured and hostages are released. Read on in Lubbock online to learn how a deal is brokered and the future fate of two captured hostages.

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