Marijuana Possession Charge Ends in Case Dismissed

In Texas, even something as minor as possession of marijuana can deliver stiff penalties. A client was arrested in a rural, South Plains county and faced up to 6 months in jail. Working with experienced criminal defense attorneys provides benefits.

The defendant’s case is now dismissed and he has completed probation. As a result, he is eligible to have his record sealed pursuant to an order of non-disclosure. With a sealed criminal record, the client can move forward in life and put his charge behind him.

Client Testimonial:

Yeah!! Thank you Chuck!  I am grateful for your help!  I have taken a thoughtful look at my life and how drugs and alcohol have sabotaged me.  I have a daily plan to not listen to that voice that says “It’s OK, just one won’t hurt you”.  It always starts with the first one and I don’t have to take that one today.  You and your staff have been supportive over the last couple of years, especially Bernadette.   Thanks again for fighting for me!

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