Lubbock’s New City Hall, Citizens Tower Opens

Avenue K is Finally Open!

Citizens Tower opens today, May 1, 2020. It has been a long six years, but now my street is free and we have a new Lubbock City Hall

I wrote the Lubbock Mayor and City Council this letter April 15, 2014, asking that my street—Avenue K—be reopened. It had been barricaded off and on for years as marble tiles fell onto the street from the abandoned, dilapidated Omni Building. The tiles had all fallen, but the City Council would not reopen Avenue K.

Our “Free My Street” movement vigorously persuaded the City to send engineers to inspect the building. Long story short, the City purchased, renovated and repurposed the Omni for Lubbock’s new City Hall, Citizens Tower.

Our street is open and our business neighborhood is happy!

– Attorney Chuck Lanehart

letter to mayor
citizens tower open

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