Fred Stangl Interviewed on Personal Bond Executive Order

Governor Greg Abbot’s recent executive order was covered by the Lubbock Avalanche Journal. In the state-wide order, Judges are prevented from issuing Personal Recognizance Bonds to suspects accused of, or previously convicted of violent crimes.

The order was made as more jails and prisons begin to find positive cases of COVID-19. As a result, counties throughout Texas are looking at vulnerable inmates, especially those held on bonds that are unable to pay.

How the Criminal Justice System is Impacted

Inmates with connections to cash can pay off bonds and be released at any time. However, low income inmates rely on personal recognizance bonds which require check-ins or other criteria for early release. In Harris County, there are several thousand inmates in jail due to an inability to pay bond.

PR Bonds and Habeas Corpus

Fred Stangl was interviewed on the topic and said the governor’s order is troubling. Many criminal attorneys share his sentiment that the order is too vague: “a crime that involves physical violence or the threat of physical violence”. As a result, Fred believes writs of habeas corpus filings will increase, which challenges the legality of imprisonment or the conditions of imprisonment. For inmates held in close proximity to other inmates with COVID-19, they could have a good case.

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