A criminal law firm for Lubbock families and students

Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl works directly with clients, and we also meet with families and parents of defendants. Whether your son or daughter is a juvenile or over the age of 18, parents can provide support in many ways to protect the future of those they love.

  • Parents can help provide mitigation evidence and assist in collecting character references.

  • Parents can assist defendants financially and emotionally

Our law firm further works with students in college and universities. We are often chosen for several reasons:

  • Our firm’s ability to guide young adults through the legal process

  • Our willingness to take on misdemeanor and felony offenses

  • Our deep experience on sexual assault offenses, drug possession and alcohol violations

A Testimonial for 2020 from a Client’s Father


Mr Chuck Lanehart,

Thank you so much for your friendliness and professionalism in my time of need. My family and I can not thank you enough.

Thank you for helping me protect my daughter, nothing is more precious to me than my family. I’m sure you feel the same way so as one father to another, thank you.

If you ever need my help, please call me!!

Client’s Name Redacted for Privacy


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