Murder Trial in Brownfield Ends in Favorable Plea Deal for Client

Attorney Fred Stangl ended a murder trial after only one day in court. Four years of research, interviews and preparation resulted in the short trial defense of his client.

The original murder charge, began on Independence Day in 2015 after police responded to a shooting incident in Brownsfield. We have previously covered the successful motion to suppress the client’s statements made to police and withdrawal of all physical evidence.

In his opening statement, Fred alluded to these mistakes when he stated, “This is a tale of the underbelly of your town. I guarantee you that you will be embarrassed of your law enforcement.”

After negotiating on behalf of his client, Fred arranged for time served and a 7 year sentence. Although a guilty plea to a murder conviction was required, a little over 4 years had already passed. As a result, Fred’s client will be released after 3 additional years in jail and 1 day at trial.

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