Results on College Student Criminal Cases

Student crimes are a practice at Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl and our firm has experience defending young adults. Students are charged with a variety of misdemeanor to felony offenses carrying serious consequences without skilled criminal defense. Often first-time offenders, character witnesses and other case factors can help students at trial and with sentencing.

THC Drug Possession

Fred Stangl recently represented a Tech freshman charged with a second degree felony (4-400 grams of THC). Fred was able to convince the prosecutor to reject the case upon proof of a clean UA (urine analysis) and community service. We were also able to arrange for him to be able to seek an early expunction, which we will be doing soon.

Fraud & Forgery Charge

Fred recently represented a Tech student who was charged with Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information and Forgery. To complicate matters, he was a Canadian citizen, and these types of charges can have a serious impact on student Visa status. We were able to convince the prosecutor to offer a dismissal for certain completed terms, which were finalized, and the charges were dismissed.

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