Pretrial Diversion Secured for College Student Charged with Drug Possession

Today, Chuck Lanehart successfully negotiated a 16-month pretrial diversion for a Lubbock college student who was charged with a first-degree felony charge of possession of cocaine with intent to deliver 4-200 grams.

The student was also accused of three third-degree felony drug charges and two state jail felony drug charges. Chuck convinced the prosecution that the search of his client’s apartment violated the client’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. When the client completes the terms of his pretrial diversion, he will immediately be entitled to an expunction of all arrest and court records.

If not for Chuck’s efforts, the client would have faced the possibility of 5-99 years in prison on the first-degree felony, 2-10 years in prison on each of the third-degree felonies and two years in prison on each of the state jail felonies.

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