Chuck Lanehart Honored as Distinguished Lawyer

The Lubbock Area Bar Association presented Chuck Lanehart the 2018 Justice James G. Denton Distinguished Lawyer Award at Law Day festivities May 3. It is the Bar’s most prestigious award, and recognizes Chuck’s “extraordinary contributions and exceptional service to the legal profession and the Lubbock community.”

Brief Bio of James G. Denton

For those of you not in the legal profession, let’s step back and discover who was James G. Denton?

The start of Denton’s legal education began at Texas Tech University and finished at University of Texas School of Law.

Earning a legal license in 1941, Denton started his practice in Lubbock in 1947. Soon after, he was appointed Judge of County Court of Law in Lubbock County. Denton continually moved up in court appointments, ultimately serving as Associate Justice, Texas Supreme Court.

Denton is recognized in Lubbock for his notable legal career and dedication to the community. From his Texas Tech education, to starting a private law practice, to being elected judge in district court, to serving in the Texas Supreme Court.

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