All Charges Rejected in Drug Case

This week, Chuck Lanehart successfully argued for rejection of all charges arising from his client’s arrest on felony drug possession charges earlier this year.

The client was traveling from Colorado and had in his possession a quantity of THC products legally purchased in Colorado. He was stopped in a small Texas county for speeding 80-mph in a 75-mph zone, and the arresting officer questioned the client at length about whether he had anything illegal in the vehicle. The client denied possessing anything illegal, but eventually consented to the officer looking inside his trunk. The officer opened containers inside the trunk and found the THC products (illegal to possess in Texas). Chuck researched the facts of the case and found the officer’s extended questioning of the client beyond the initial reason for the stop amounted to an illegal detention. Chuck successfully argued to the prosecution that all charges should be rejected. The client will be eligible for an expunction of his arrest record.

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