Lanehart Interviewed on Bill of Rights

Chuck Lanehart Interviewed by Lubbock’s KAMC News

For Sunday night’s segment, Talking Points, attorney Chuck Lanehart was interviewed by Bryan Mudd on Constitution Day.

In the beginning segment, Mudd asks Lanehart about Now You’re 18, sponsored by the Texas Young Lawyer’s Association. Lanehart along with other attorneys, teach young adults about their rights and how they can get into trouble after reaching an 18th birthday.

In the next segment, Mudd and Lanehart discuss the Law and Order Effect. Which happens when viewers of the show take something out of context or believe it applies to real life.

For example, Miranda Rights are often misunderstood by clients of criminal attorneys. Based on the fifth amendment, Miranda Rights must be read if you are in custody, before talking to police. If police fail to read “your rights”, statements made while in custody cannot be used in a court of law. However, Miranda Rights only apply to being in police custody and not as a passerby on the street, in your home or in other environments.

In the next segment, the fourth amendment which protects from unreasonable search and seizure is discussed. Lanehart reveals illegal search and seizure happens often in DWI and drug cases. Typically, a search warrant is required to obtain evidence in a crime, although there are many exceptions. Lanehart’s advice, “just say no”. Don’t agree to a search and seizure.

In conclusion, Lanehart and Mudd review the remaining Bill of Rights and how they are still used by criminal attorneys and in courts today.

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