Chuck Lanehart and Fred Stangl Read Declaration of Independence for July 4th.

On behalf of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, I would like to extend congratulations to all the members who took time out this past weekend to participate in readings of the Declaration of Independence in county courthouses around the state. This was a tribute to the organizers of the yearly event—Robb Fickman of Houston and Chuck Lanehart of Lubbock—as well as to their core of statewide organizers, their “F Troop”: Tip Hargrove, Mary Conn, Mary Beth Harrell, Jeff Blackburn, Jim Darnell, Sheldon Weisfeld, Dustin Nimz, Michelle Ochoa, David Schulman, Kerry Anderson Donica, and Tammy Keener. Thanks to their efforts and those of each and every one of you, this event has assumed a momentum of its own, garnering increased attention and furthering the cause of justice by advancing a major goal of the association—the protection of rights of every citizen. We thank you for taking time from your personal lives to lend a hand in this noble endeavor.

David Moore
TCDLA President

To attorneys and local residents in attendance, reminding ourselves of the importance of July 4th is a welcome annual tradition.

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As part of an annual tradition, members of the Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association took turns reading the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights on Friday, June 30, 2017.

Public readings of the Declaration of Independence took place in town squares throughout the colonies after it was signed. Back then, reading the documents was the main event on July 4th.

Today, road trips, fireworks and BBQ’s often distract us from the meaning of the holiday.

Lanehart is a founding member and past president of the LCDLA. The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association organizes local attorney associations to read the documents, which laid the foundation of our nation’s independence and criminal justice system.

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