Evolution of the Lubbock County Courthouse

Original Lubbock County Courthouse. “Uncle Tang” Martin, a disabled veteran of the Civil War, is seated before the original wood frame Lubbock County Courthouse, which was constructed at the center of the town square in1892. The square was actually rectangular in shape, one block wide and two blocks long, bounded by Cedar Street (now Texas Avenue), North First Street (now Main Street), Chesnut Street (now Crickets Avenue), and South First Street (now Broadway). The courthouse measured 48 feet by 56 feet and was 24 feet in height. Cost budgeted for construction was $12,000.

second courthouseSecond Lubbock County Courthouse. The original courthouse was moved to a corner of the square to make way for construction of the second Lubbock County Courthouse in 1916. The band stand pictured to the right was used as a model for the current courthouse gazebo, anonymously donated to the county in the 1980s.



Third Lubbock County Courthouse. The current Lubbock County Courthouse was erected in 1950 to the west of the 1916 courthouse, and both structures housed county offices. The original 1892 courthouse was reportedly moved from the square to private property and burned.






Modern Day Courthouses in Lubbock, TX

Expansion of Lubbock County Courthouse. Lubbock County Judge Bill A. Davis is pictured amid the rubble of the 1916 courthouse, which was razed in the 1960s. Avenue H (now Buddy Holly Avenue) was extended through the square and the 1950 courthouse was enlarged to the east.

Acquisition of Lubbock National Bank Building and Construction of Skybridge. In 1992, the county purchased the former Lubbock National Bank Building at 900 Main Street and constructed a skybridge to connect the two buildings.

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